Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Short Ramble with Helen Through The Tower

The Tower is one of those cards that tends to make one go "Oh No!"  Why wouldn't it, it's very image is of lightning and people falling, would make you dread it turning up. But are we actually giving this card a bad rap?

There is no denying that the Tower represents in a reading a dramatic change, but I note that that bolt of lightning not only strikes the Tower but also illuminates it. Perhaps that is something we should consider.

Illumination throws light on a situation, something that could not be seen before is now visible. This bears asking the question is that which is changing good or bad?  Either way, the Tower now brings it to the fore.

When I look at the Tower Card I am reminded of a quote by Confucius:
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling
but in rising every time we fall."

What the Tower suggests to us in its message, from what I can see is, that existing forms need to be broken down. Of course this can take on many different situations, from losing a job, to a breakdown in a relationship, to something as simple as changing the way we think about something. When that bolt of lightening strikes, it can and very often is upsetting.

Lets take a scenario:  You lose a job you never expected to. It may be hard to see at that moment the illumination the lightning bolt provides. But in losing that job you have been liberated and now you find yourself in a position to venture in a different direction. That could never have happened if the Tower had stayed upright and the lightening never strikes.  Once one has recovered from the abrupt change in circumstance, you then realise you are better off out of that previous position whether it be a job or a relationship. The Tower has brought you a form of freedom.

The Tower then is not necessarily a bad card but a card that can be seen as liberating. It brings in its destruction transformation and allows you to build up from the bottom a better and more healthy future.

The Tower is a number 16 card which breaks down to 1+6=7. What 7's often represent in tarot, I have found, is wisdom, insight and personal growth. It's a number that urges us to look inwards and learn to accept our own limitations, and explore what we are capable of achieving. 7 also relates to the Major Arcana Card The Chariot, which symbolises for us gaining control, a show of will power and maintaining balance and direction. 

The Tower then could even be considered a cathartic experience. How? It appears to offer one the guidance to examine those existing beliefs, clear out what is not appropriate anymore and re-build making the foundation more secure, once you recognise that those constricting and rigid forms no longer need to hold you.  Think of the lightning as that "ah ha" moment when we realise we should change our belief and take our life in another direction.

There is no denying that the Tower may well shatter your ideas or a situation but at the same time it offers you the opportunity for change. So, as I ramble through the meanings of this card, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that it's not so bad after all.


The Tower card: 
Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck
By Mary Hanson-Roberts

Published by  U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. Very helpful and insightful discussion of the Tower! The illumination aspect of lightning is an excellent point to remember when interpreting this card.

  2. Thanks Zanna, I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.


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