About Helen & Tarot

Hi I'm Helen and I've been playing with Tarot since 1975 When I bought my first deck of cards the Swiss 1JJ. In fact it was the only deck available in my home town at the time.  For the next few years I had an on/off relationship with Tarot, but in 2005 I decided to study these cards more seriously. I participated in a forum that was dedicated to tarot and put a lot of hours in studying various elements of the cards. In July 2007 I was admitted to the Tarot Guild of Australia as a Professional Member.  I read tarot professionally for many years and also taught the subject. 

I was the co-author of Tarot Notes Major and Minor Tarot Blog,  for a few years, before deciding to take a break. This blog has continued under the care of my good friend Zanna Starr who now calls it Tarot Notes. From time to time I guest post on her blog.

Although I decided to leave the Tarot Guild of Australia, I still do read and have never lost an interest in this magical, mystical and miraculous deck of cards we call Tarot. 

I hope you enjoy this journey into the cards with me.   

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