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 I am first and foremost a tarot reader and not a psychic reader or fortune teller. My interpretations are based on knowledge of the cards and intuition and are intended to present alternative possibilities when making a decision for yourself.
Insights found in the cards are only suggestions. To act or not act on them is at your own discretion. Any decisions you make based on a reading are your own responsibility. 

If you would like to order a reading from Helen, payment must be made in Australian Dollars into PayPal.  Please use the contact form found on the right hand column of the page and include which reading you would like, your question and your email address.  I will then respond with the paypal address.  When payment is received I will send you your reading.

Readings available:

1 card        - $7 AUD

3 card        - $15 AUD

7-10 card  - $35 AUD

Credit for cards shown:
Tarot Bella - unfinished deck by Helen 

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